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Mission: We support a variety of mission work in Scotland, the UK and across the world. 


We support Pastor Milton and Sister Annie in Chennai who run SYCAM - a Christian Ministry and a children's home and school supporting poor children and those affected by the 2004 tsunami. They also minister to lepers, gipsys and the blind who are all marginalised. 

We have set up and operate a Scottish charity called Friends of SYCAM which raises funds to support the work in India. Several people from the UK have been out to India to help and support the work. If you would be interested in one-off or regular giving or being involved in any way please contact us. 

Kath McKenzie  0141 775 1737
  The school and the children's home (on the left).    
  Playing in the garden.  
  Playground fun.  
  Games inside the children's home.