Church Services

Sunday Worship

Monthly Short Afternoon
Service (seated)
The last Sunday of the month. 3:00pm.
Afternoon tea.

Short service every Tuesday (seated)
12:00 noon.
followed by teas coffee and fellowship.

Tel: Church Office
0141 776 4989





The Prayer Chain receives prayer requests from the congregation, or from messages left in the prayer boxes at the doors of the church.  These requests are sent out twice a week by e-mail, or by telephone to about 50 members of the congregation both past and present. They in turn, pray in their own time, in private for the situations mentioned.  Any urgent requests are sent out immediately. 

We pray for people who live locally, far away, of all faiths and none. Prayer requests can be anonymous if wished, since we believe God knows for whom we are praying.

Our Prayer Chain has been operating for 33 years, so many thousands of prayers have been offered for people in a whole range of difficult situations. We also offer “thank you” prayers when thanks are given for God’s gracious support.

We believe that prayer for others is so important to our faith and to our lives as Christians.

Contacts -

Heather Martin 0141 776 4430
Joy Forsyth 0141 777 8194
Jacky Clark 0141 578 5449.



Art in Worship

This group meets several times a year to develop and prepare ideas for using art in enhancing our worship. There are major displays that enhance the Sanctuary at festivals such as Easter, Harvest and Christmas. Please speak to the Art in Worship representative to find out more about our group functions.




The Guild

The Guild meets in the Church Hall on a Tuesday evening from 7.30pm till 9.30pm. We start in the first week of September, meeting fortnightly until the end of March.

Every meeting has a different topic ranging from local concerns, world issues from fund-raising for specific projects and also leisure activities.

At the end of each meeting we have a cup of tea/coffee and friendly chat.
The Guild is open to everyone, including men, and we hope that anyone coming along will enjoy the fellowship and friendship within this Group.

On alternate Tuesdays to the Guild, we have a Friendship Club which is held in the Garden Room from 1.30m till 3.30pm. Please feel free to come along, bring your knitting, your sewing or just yourself and have a chat and a cuppa.
All will be made most welcome.





Choir - Singers welcome! 

Our Church Choir meets on Thursday evenings (September to June inclusive) for practice at 7.00pm in Room 1. Apart from the basic job of rehearsing Sunday Praise, other music is prepared and presented, appropriate to the Christian Year and other special occasions. A very warm welcome is extended to singers of all ages. 

Interested? Contact the Organist or any choir member...

Organist & Director of Music: Mr Tom Ferguson 01505 816132





House Groups

We have two House Groups that are an integral part of the life of our Congregation. They provide an opportunity to meet other Christians in a relaxed atmosphere and to develop friendships. Bible passages are explored with everyone contributing their thoughts. Fears, joys and hurt can be safely shared. It is a place for food, laughter and mutual support, where people can come along and just be secure in the knowledge that they are accepted just as they are.

For more information contact:

Isobel McGregor 0141 776 5965 / Allan Conway 0141 578 9984



The Praise Band at SDMP fulfils the role of providing musical worship where required throughout church life. The band has a core membership which consists of vocals, keys, acoustic and electric guitars at present. We are always looking to welcome new members to our fold.

We believe in using our God-given talents to enhance worship in and around our community.

Please contact:




The SMDP Events Team provide catering and organisational support at various celebrations throughout church life.

We believe in using our combined God - given skills to plan larger events, whether charity or congregational.

The team can be reached at:







Christian Aid, the church's own charity, aims to enable the most deprived people in the developing regions of our world to work towards improving their own circumstances. Financial support of local overseas organisations working in partnership with Christian Aid ensures that those who know the problems first-hand can work towards producing the solutions. 

Christian Aid also provides practical emergency disaster relief throughout the world in co-operation with other charities and in our Church we have a 'hands-on' reaction whenever it is required. 

Our congregation is kept fully aware of Christian Aid's many and varied fund-raising activities including local house-to-house collections, the Annual Fair and year-round availability of donation boxes. All these are generously supported