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Mission: We support a variety of mission work in Scotland, the UK and across the world. 



We help to support Joe and Rosa McGinniss in Peru who run a Christian ministry which involves providing a soup kitchen for poor children in Huaraz. Joe is an elder of our church and initially got involved in work in Peru through the Vine Trust. He was so moved by the plight of unwanted and deprived children that he returned to Peru again. Eventually he met and married Rosa - a Peruvian - and now lives and works there permanently! They have recently bought land and constructed a building to provide a permanent site for the soup kitchen.


If you would be interested in one-off or regular giving or being involved in any way please contact us;

Revd Dr. Sandy Forsyth 0141 777 8194
Margaret Young 0141 776 3643

or you can contact Joe direct at jrmcginnissinperu@yahoo.co.uk

  The children enjoying summer camp.    
  Joe (R) with fellow fund raisers before going to Peru.
  The new kitchen .
  The dining and teaching area
  Tiling (by a workman called Jesus!)  
  The dining and teaching area